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Vintage Coffee Label circa 1910

Vintage Coffee Label circa 1910

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"Dixie Blend" vintage coffee label from circa 1910 exudes the charm and elegance of a bygone era. A captivating depiction graces the label, showcasing a refined lady delightfully sipping from a cup of coffee. This label pays homage to the allure of the Old South, transporting the viewer to a place where tradition and refinement intertwine. A forgotten last batch of these historic labels was recently recovered from one of Savannah’s historic carriage houses.  Dixie Blend coffee was founded by a Savannah gentleman and merchant Mr. T. Lloyd Owens.

Named after the iconic region, Dixie Blend coffee originates from the picturesque city of Savannah, Georgia. Its popularity during the 1910s, particularly in the southeastern United States and along the coastal areas, speaks to its distinctive flavor and appeal. The label, a testament to artistry and design of the era, was masterfully crafted by Walker, Evans & Cogswell printers in Charleston, South Carolina. Remarkably, this same printing establishment had historical significance as one of the printers authorized by the Confederate States of America to produce their currency during the Civil War, adding a touch of historical depth to the Dixie Blend label.

In sum, the circa 1910 Dixie Blend coffee label encapsulates a moment in time, where the genteel beauty of the South, a cup of rich coffee, and a touch of history converge to create an enduring image of sophistication and nostalgia.

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